Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ASME Applied Mechanics Division
Dynamics and Control of Systems and Structures Technical Committee
Annual Meeting

Monday, November 7, 11:30 AM, Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, FL at IMECE 2005

Members and Friends Present (alphabetic order): B. Balachandran, B.I. Epureanu, I. Georgiou, G. Heppler, B. Mann, Y. Mikata, N. S. Namachchivaya, M.P. Paidoussis, P. Smithmaitrie, H.S. Tzou, W-C. Xie, M. Younis

1. B. Balachandran (chair) opened the meeting at 11:30 AM. Brief introduction of all present followed, including the acknowledgement of friends and visitors. Attendance was recorded, and roster was updated.

2. Approval of Minutes from IMECE 2004
The minutes of the previous meeting (held at IMECE 2004 in Anaheim) were reviewed and approved (N.S. Namachchivaya moved to approve and it was seconded by H.S. Tzou).

3. Symposia in IMECE 2005
Reports on the symposia organized at IMECE 2005 in Orlando were presented. B.I. Epureanu reported on the statistics of number of papers in the 3 symposia sponsored by DCSS. There were a total of 26 papers distributed as follows:
- 9 papers in the Nonlinear Dynamics, Control and Stochastic Mechanics Symposium,
2 sessions, Organizers: B.I. Epureanu, G. Flowers, M. Amabili,
- 9 papers in the Multi-Field Coupling in Dynamics and Control Symposium,
2 sessions, Organizers: E. Mockensturm, I. Georgiou, B.I. Epureanu (1 session),
- 8 papers in the Nonlinear Dynamics and Instability of MEMS/NEMS,
2 sessions, Organizers: B.I. Epureanu, B. Mann, X. He.

4. Symposia in IMECE 2006
Plans for symposia for the next year (IMECE 2006) were also discussed. In particular, it was decided that 3 symposia will be proposed to the Applied Mechanics Division (AMD). Discussion on the number of sessions and symposia to be proposed to AMD followed. For IMECE 2005, it was pointed out that as many as 35 abstracts of interest were submitted but it was not possible to accept all of them due to the limited number of sessions (2) approved for the Nonlinear Dynamics, Control and Stochastic Mechanics Symposium, a symposium that has been organized on a regular basis by this technical committee. The current and past success in securing sessions from AMD was also noted. The overall consensus was that the symposia are to be basically the same three as in IMECE 2005. Two changes were discussed for the Nonlinear Dynamics and Instability of MEMS/NEMS Symposium: a broadening of its scope and the addition of M. Younis as organizer for this symposium. It was also decided to add Y. Mikata as a co-organizer of the symposium on Multi-Field Coupling in Dynamics and Control. Each of the three symposia will require 2 to 5 sessions.

5. Committee Membership
The membership roster was examined to see how many new members could be admitted. It was pointed out that each committee can have up to 25 members. It was recognized that the late scheduling change of the committee meeting by ASME prevented many committee members from attending due to previously made travel arrangements (e.g. flights) and/or time conflicts with sessions they had organized, chaired or participated in as authors (within DCSS). It was decided to give everybody who missed this meeting a reprieve.

Based on attendance at previous committee meetings, a motion was passed (N.S. Namachchivaya moved and W-C. Xie seconded) to remove G.C. Copeland, B. Banerjee and L. Zavodney from the list of current members.

Y. Mikata and M. Younis introduced themselves and expressed a desire to become members of the committee.

6. New Business Items
Two new business items were discussed. B. Balachandran invited the members to consider organizing symposia at the upcoming National TAM meeting in Colorado. Also, M.P. Paidoussis suggested that the main participation of the committee in organizing symposia may be beneficial if it were concentrated on the ASME summer annual meeting instead of IMECE. N.S. Namachchivaya supported this suggestion, as did several other members. B. Balachandran (chair) will explore this idea with AMD for 2007.

7. Election of New Committee Members
In a closed session, Y. Mikata and M. Younis were elected as members of DCSS. Currently, there are 22 members of DCSS. The maximum number of members allowed is 25.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 PM (B.I. Epureanu moved and G. Heppler seconded).

Respectfully submitted: B.I. Epureanu (Secretary)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New blog created for the members and friends of the ASME DCSS technical committee. 01/24/06